Sharon Andrews

“I am an experienced physical education teacher of 30 yrs and an ex international shot putter and discus thrower.

I have been doing fitness, presenting fitness and teaching fitness for many years and needed a new lease of ideas, encouragement and motivation.

We approached Donna as we saw her fitness classes over the lockdown presented to her neighbours and it looked great fun.

I needed someone else to teach me for a change and well I have been given a new lease of life, motivation, exercises I forgot about due to becoming set in my ways.  I’m using parts of my body you know need work but it’s going to be hard to do on your own so you avoid them. She woke up my inner spirit again and made me enjoy fitness again even though I have been teaching teachers for many years Donna brought me to enjoy it again and rediscover my love for fitness and not just see it as my job. But fitness is fun, creative, sociable and most of all good for the mind body and soul.   Donna pitches it at the right level and she calls your name at the right time you feel like giving up.

Brilliant teacher, brilliant coach brilliant motivator, she made me love the profession again.  I’ve needed it.  I’ve now lost 2 stone in weight, feel good about myself, my job and it’s all partly due to Donna’s encouragement, spirit and lovely personality, she’s always there for you.

Would recommend Donna to anyone.”

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